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My Shaklee Story

Are you looking for better Health? Freedom? or Both!

When it comes down to it, Shaklee has only two products-Health and Freedom. We love talking about both. But, it started out first with a love of the spectacular products.

When I was 20 years old, I was thrown out of a car that went over an embankment. I received a concussion and a severe back injury. Doctors told me that by the time I was 35 years old, I would have trouble climbing steps: buy a house on 1 level, so we did. Over the next 15 years, scar tissue built up along my spine and movement was extremely difficult and painful even though I was taking "all natural" supplements from a health food store. A neighbor was starting a Shaklee business and invited me to a presentation. Reluctantly, I went. She told me that I would feel better or get my money back, so we decided to try them. Within a few weeks, I was no longer drinking 6-7 cups of coffee to stay awake (I commuted over 2 hours a day, taught/did lesson plans and got a little over 5 hours sleep a night). Having natural energy was my first clue that these supplements were very different. After taking these supplements for only 4 years, my back was completely free of scar tissue. I regained my flexibility and could hike without any pain. I felt free!!

Then, in 1994, I had a scooter accident and broke my left leg in 8 places and my right wrist. I had a halo around my leg with pins and wires going through my leg and a handle that was drilled into my ankle. Again doctors told me that my life would never be normal. "Expect to walk with a walker or if you are lucky, maybe a cane". While in the hospital, they wouldn't let me take any supplements. I developed a very serious staph infection and my platelet count went too high. They wanted to give me heparin injections in my belly and an IV in my neck with antibiotics. At that point, I refused and told them I was going on my Shaklee supplements for 1 week. After 5 days the blood tests revealed that the staph infection was totally gone and the platelet count was back to normal. WOW!! Amazing! Because of Shaklee supplements, I again have no pain or restricted movement and I walk better and faster than most people, without a walker or cane!! Unfortunately, my joints cannot forecast changes in the weather, but, that is OK by me.

My husband's story is equally amazing. Being a VietNam Veteran, he was exposed to massive amounts of Agent Orange, not only being sprayed, but it was in the drinking water. I firmly believe that taking Shaklee since 1981 has prevented diseases like pancreatic cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc that so many of the veterans suffer with.

I thank God every day for Dr. Shaklee, his work and vision. He was truly an amazing man!! He took the foods that God created and keeping the living enzymes in the foods, concentrated them into a form that is easily broken down and absorbed into the blood.                                                                                   

It is because of these experiences that we decided to help others gain better health. By sharing their stories with others, they are also building a financially secure future for themselves and their families as well as earning a car and fabulous trips to unbelievably beautiful places in the world all paid for by Shaklee! 

You, too can achieve optimal health and financial wealth with Shaklee. I wish you all the best!

Gladys Smile